Own your body,
own your pride

A Revolutionary Approach to Fitness & Nutrition Rooted in Our Ancestry

fix the root cause

In the past couple hundred years we have come so far away from our ancestral roots.

We eat, live, think and act so much differently and while we have made many improvements, we have left so much of our past behind that made us human. In today’s world it’s all about ease, comfort, immediate relief or results, living in the moment and not acknowledging the consequences of today’s behavior affecting tomorrow.

Change your mindset, nutrition, exercise consistently and access your true ancestral potential.

modern Dulled Senses

Any hunger can be satisfied, every thirst quenched, every desire fulfilled and while this seems like the way to live, it has its consequences. In this day and age we are more unhappy, confused, uncertain, insecure, sick, overweight, lazy because of the advancements and availability of anything we need at our disposal.

We no longer need to work for the things that made us tough and built our character long ago. When we don’t feel good we take a pill, when we’re sad we drink alcohol to dull the senses, when we’re bored we eat, when we’re cold we turn on the heat, when we’re hot we turn on the air conditioning and the moments of being uncomfortable are becoming more and more rare.

Through discomfort comes growth and by constantly avoiding discomfort we are not growing. By eating and drinking whatever we want in the moment we have given up the skill of moderation and self control.

By taking a pill whenever we feel discomfort, we forget the consequences and side effects these drugs have. Medications, whether prescription or over the counter are supposed to be used in emergency situations and we choose to use them on the regular, avoiding the consequences.

By drinking alcohol we try to dull the senses and pass the time while unlocking the mental blocks and inhibitions that hold us back instead of building our confidence and fixing our nervous system with proper nutrition.

processed foods problem

As a society we are using medications as band aids to mask our issues instead of finding the root cause of why we have our health problems in the first place.

We no longer only eat foods that exist in nature like our ancestors did and we have created many foods that were never meant to exist.

The processed foods industry has taken over our food system and we are soaking it up. The convenience just like all our other habits these days is too hard to pass up.

What we fail to realize is that these foods are killing us and we are none the wiser. We have created vegetable and seed oils, artificial flavorings and colorings, processed sugars, fake meats, preservatives, packaged, and canned foods.

Foods that are high in bad fats, Processed carbs & sugar, calories and require little to no energy to digest.

These foods are what is causing obesity, diabetes, hormonal issues, mental health problems, autoimmune and cancer.

The sad realization is that most of us have made the decision, we are here for a good time and not a long time.

the consequences

While this way of living sounds fun, it has its consequences and will most likely not be a good time for very long. We have the right to choose exactly how we live and if you are truly making the decision on your own to put whatever you want into your body and are aware of the consequences that is one thing.

However, most of us are not aware of the damage these things can cause in our bodies because of all the misinformation we hear on a daily basis from healthcare officials, our government, television and radio ads and societal pressures. While many people live in willing ignorance, many legitimately have no idea what direction to go when it comes to diet.

what we forgot

We have forgotten that animal foods are what brought us to where we are today. Ancestrally as hunters and gatherers we prized the largest animals we could find to feed our tribe and ourselves.

We ate the entire animal nose to tail and wasted nothing. We ate the muscle meat, organs, blood, fat, bone and used the hyde to make clothes and blankets.

When animal foods were less available we ate whatever plant foods we could find and this sustained us until we were able to find more animals to hunt but plant foods were never meant to be our main food source. We have forgotten this and our health is significantly suffering because of it.

Plants are highly defended with plant defense chemicals and most of us have no idea. They do not want to be eaten and most people avoid the warning signs of gas, bloating, inflammation, indigestion and pain daily.

When you learn how to listen to your body it becomes very obvious what foods positively and negatively affect you.

a better way for fitness & Nutrition

My goal is to get us back to our ancestral ways of eating and regain true health.

The answers are right in front of us and most of us are just missing the right tools to get there.

The future of the planet and our health is at stake. All it takes is meeting the right person at the right time or coming across some new information at random that could completely change your life around forever. Ancestral nutrition is your right and all you have to do is access it.

how it Works


Be willing to do what it takes. Defeat the excuses and create new patterns.


Eat like our ancestors ate. Real whole foods instead of processed foods.


Focus on resistance training. Give your body a reason to adapt. Change hormones and destroy fat cells.

dominant mindset

This mindset is deciding from here on out that you are willing to do what it takes to get healthy and in shape.

You will not quit when things get hard and you are going to stay consistent no matter what excuse crosses your mind. You respect yourself and stop putting you and your health in the backseat. No matter what life throws at you, it will not be enough to get you off course.

ancestral nutrition

Eating like our ancestors ate as hunters and gatherers before us. Cutting out all modern fake foods of today.

The processed, packaged, fast foods, artificial colorings, flavorings, vegetable and seed oils, fake meats, non organic fruits, vegetables and grains. Transitioning to animal based nutrition, understanding the larger the animal, the higher the nutritional value. Eating mostly animal foods and just a little bit of plant foods.

superior exercise

Instead of listening to all the clutter out there on all the different ways to exercise, incorrectly focusing on burning calories, moving more and eating less.

Focus instead on resistance training, whether that be lifting weights in the gym or even better, using the X3 Bar.

about tyler Lamarche

Founder & CEO of Regenerative Life Fitness

I am a transformation coach that works with Entrepreneurs who are ready to own their body to own their pride and access their hidden ancestral potential, reawakening the lion within them by conquering their mindset, using ancestral nutrition and utilizing superior methods of exercise to reverse the clock.