Programs designed to cut through the unnecessary and get straight to results.

elite program

2 Week In-Person Coaching

  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Custom Training Plan
  • Custom Exercise Equipment
  • Blood Test
  • Shop With You
  • Cook With You
  • Train With You
  • Go Through Kitchen, Pantry & Cupboards
  • Go Through Self Care & Household Cleaning Products
  • Teach Mindset Techniques
  • Reprogram How You Look At Food & Exercise
  • Walk Through Step By Step & Give You A Custom Binder Including All My Lifestyle, Nutrition & Fitness Guides

14 Program Guides Include

  • Program Overview
  • Beginning Of Program Briefing
  • Re-education & Frequently Asked Questions 
  • How To Shop For Food & Ingredients To Avoid
  • Pick Your Poison Chart
  • Clearing Up The Nonsense In The Nutrition & Fitness Industry
  • Medications / Over The Counter Drugs & The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Changing Household Products
  • Fasting & Eating Windows
  • Sauna, Cold Plunge, Grounding, Red Light Therapy & Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  • How To Isolate Muscle Correctly & Workout Guides
  • The Regenerative Life Diet
  • Perfect Daily Macro Balance Calculating Cheat Sheet
  • Regenerative Life Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

revival program

12 Week Online Coaching

  • Accountability/Support Messaging 2x a day, 6 days a week morning and afternoon. Sundays I take off as a personal day.
  • Custom Daily Meal Plan to follow that changes as we go through the program.
  • Custom Fitness Program to follow 4 to 6 days per week. 
  • Lifetime Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle Support Guides released each week in the program.
  • 12 Week Video Course taking you step by step through my life regenerating process. 
  • Exit Interview to ensure you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Do It Yourself Program

Receive Everything From My 1 On 1 Programs Without A Coach

You Will Get –

  • Custom Meal Plan
  • Custom Workout Plan
  • 12 Week Online Course
  • 14 Lifetime Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle Support Guides

how it Works


Be willing to do what it takes. Defeat the excuses and create new patterns.


Eat like our ancestors ate. Real whole foods instead of processed foods.


Focus on resistance training. Give your body a reason to adapt. Change hormones and destroy fat cells.

dominant mindset

This mindset is deciding from here on out that you are willing to do what it takes to get healthy and in shape.

You will not quit when things get hard and you are going to stay consistent no matter what excuse crosses your mind. You respect yourself and stop putting you and your health in the backseat. No matter what life throws at you, it will not be enough to get you off course.

ancestral nutrition

Eating like our ancestors ate as hunters and gatherers before us. Cutting out all modern fake foods of today.

The processed, packaged, fast foods, artificial colorings, flavorings, vegetable and seed oils, fake meats, non organic fruits, vegetables and grains. Transitioning to animal based nutrition, understanding the larger the animal, the higher the nutritional value. Eating mostly animal foods and just a little bit of plant foods.

superior exercise

Instead of listening to all the clutter out there on all the different ways to exercise, incorrectly focusing on burning calories, moving more and eating less.

Focus instead on resistance training, whether that be lifting weights in the gym or even better, using the X3 Bar.

about tyler Lamarche

Founder & CEO of Regenerative Life Fitness

I am a transformation coach that works with Entrepreneurs who are ready to own their body to own their pride and access their hidden ancestral potential, reawakening the lion within them by conquering their mindset, using ancestral nutrition and utilizing superior methods of exercise to reverse the clock.